We're a family owned business dedicated to serving our neighbors and community. I started the Fence King with 2 used nail guns from a neighborhood contractor and a friends dad's 1989 Chevy pickup. Thankfully that first project wasn't far from the lumberyard, because that old truck could barely haul all the wood and concrete.


I learned a lot the first year, everything from how many times your thumb can survive being hit, to the best techniques for digging a hole by hand in the St. Tammany Parish red clay. Most importantly, it taught me how to provide my customers with the best service at a friendly price.


2 decades later, we've not only expanded to serve the entire Northshore from Springfield to Slidell and their northern outlined areas, but we've moved our base of operations to Madisonville to better serve our growing territory.

Doggy Domes

Custom Built Just For You

Our community is made up of more than just friends and family. Pets are a big part of that family too. That's why we offer the doggy dome. This feature is custom built with your furry friend in mind. 


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After 20 years, our quality service has become a legacy through out the community. I am proud to have had the opportunity to teach my boys the importance of excellence in workmanship. It is rewarding as we travel through various neighborhoods and see our signature, the Fence King, displayed from one end of the Northshore to the other!



"I recommend Dan for ANY of his services. Not only does he do what he's paid for, but he also gives back to others in need. I am a mother of five who had been suffering from horrible tooth pain for months and had no dental insurance nor the money to come out of pocket and get it fixed. Dan covered my entire dental bill no questions asked. Such a selfless act of kindness that changed my life! Thank you, Dan! #fencekinghelpingothers "

—  Meghan M.


Help the Fence King build a better community

School’s (almost) out for summer and the Fence King and Create A Cig want to help reuse any backpacks that survived this year. Why?


Well, on a daily basis the Fence King travels the highways and byways of St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes meeting with potential customers. On these travels, we observe people who are down on their luck and could use a little comfort. So we’ll be armed with backpacks filled with hope to pass on to those without a roof.

We have partnered with Create A Cig and will be using their Northshore locations as a donation drop off points. And while you’re there, get a 10% discount for your donation.

For More information please contact Fence King or Create A Cig.


Bags Distributed

Since 2019

Community Partners

After 20 years, our quality craftsmanship has become a legacy throughout the community.  When it comes to excellence, there is no room for cutting corners. The Fence King stands on a phrase, "We're building a business... not a checking account!"  This is one of several reasons why we have earned over 150 5 star ratings. 


You can feel confident when you entrust your hard earned dollars with us because we believe you're doing more than just purchasing a fence, you are making an investment!  My family and I believe so strongly in our business that we not only place our name directly on every fence, we also embed it with your warranty.

100 Covington St. PO BOX 280

Madisonville, LA 70447

Monday - Saturday 7am - 7pm

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